10 Ways to Enjoy Blogging (Part 1) Collab with Purely Olivia

Hello again, guys! This week I have a fun surprise!

For a long time, I’ve been planning a collab with Olivia from Purely Olivia, and we finally finished it! This post will share 5 ways you can enjoy blogging. If you want to read the other five, go check out Olivia’s post!

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My Magnificent Last-Minute Post

Yes, all bloggers have been here.

When, for a while, you’ve been at the top of your blogging game. Then, after one single week, you have no idea what to blog about. You don’t even have the desire to post. All you want to do is chill, chat with friends, and play Minecraft to your heart’s content.

That’s kind of where I’m at this week.

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Tips for Bloggers

Hello again, all you people!
(I’m kind of running out of new greetings 😆)

Blogging is a big part of most blogger’s lives. It’s not just making sure my next post is a “popular” post and will get lots of views, for me it’s a relaxing hobby. I love writing blog posts, reading blog posts, designing headers, interacting with other bloggers, and (almost) every other part about blogging.

But I used to blog differently. I used to post like three times a year, and when I got followers that weren’t followers I expected, I would remove them from the follower list.

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