A Little Art Dump

Hi guys!

So for a while, I’ve been wanting to share some of my art with you guys. I’ve mentioned doing art posts for a while, and I finally have some art to share with you guys! I’ve actually done more art than this, but this is art from 2019. So, let’s begin.

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Photography Contest!

Although I don’t post about it that often, I love photography.
And I want to post about it more, but I have no idea what to write about. So, I’m hosting a photography contest!

Yes, I know this week was supposed to be the dog post, but the poll is closing today, so I thought I’d give you all time to take it!

If you want to join, read on! If you don’t care, read on!

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Tips for Bloggers

Hello again, all you people!
(I’m kind of running out of new greetings 😆)

Blogging is a big part of most blogger’s lives. It’s not just making sure my next post is a “popular” post and will get lots of views, for me it’s a relaxing hobby. I love writing blog posts, reading blog posts, designing headers, interacting with other bloggers, and (almost) every other part about blogging.

But I used to blog differently. I used to post like three times a year, and when I got followers that weren’t followers I expected, I would remove them from the follower list.

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Celebrate Easter!

Hello and happy early Easter!
Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It gives memories from the past years and gives me hope for the future. It reminds me of Jesus’s sacrifice for me, how he died on the cross and rose three days later after defeating death, all so I could live.

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