My Magnificent Last-Minute Post

Yes, all bloggers have been here.

When, for a while, you’ve been at the top of your blogging game. Then, after one single week, you have no idea what to blog about. You don’t even have the desire to post. All you want to do is chill, chat with friends, and play Minecraft to your heart’s content.

That’s kind of where I’m at this week.

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Things You HAVE to do This Summer

Hi guys! I’m back!

If you didn’t hear, I wasn’t able to post last week because I was at bible camp. The sad day I returned home, I realized I’ve only got one life to live, so why in the world would I decide to waste it on unimportant things?

I can’t think of a reason either. So, in today’s post, I though of six things that you MUST do this summer! Read on!

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