I’m Back + A Ton of Updates

Oh my gosh… I’m blogging again!
Hello everyone! Yes, I’m still alive!

So much has happened over this month. Here’s a little list of some updates, both in the blogging and real world.

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Tips for Bloggers

Hello again, all you people!
(I’m kind of running out of new greetings 😆)

Blogging is a big part of most blogger’s lives. It’s not just making sure my next post is a “popular” post and will get lots of views, for me it’s a relaxing hobby. I love writing blog posts, reading blog posts, designing headers, interacting with other bloggers, and (almost) every other part about blogging.

But I used to blog differently. I used to post like three times a year, and when I got followers that weren’t followers I expected, I would remove them from the follower list.

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