Things You HAVE to do This Summer

Hi guys! I’m back!

If you didn’t hear, I wasn’t able to post last week because I was at bible camp. The sad day I returned home, I realized I’ve only got one life to live, so why in the world would I decide to waste it on unimportant things?

I can’t think of a reason either. So, in today’s post, I though of six things that you MUST do this summer! Read on!


Do things with your family! Go fishing together, visit the lake and explore, or just go for a little hike! Don’t spend your summer alone! Be with the people closest to you, the ones you try to ignore.


Bible camp! I had so much fun at camp last week, and I think you should all try to find one close to you. Bible camp is the best way to meet new people (all my fellow homeschoolers!), try new things, and build a stronger relationship with God! Trust me, it’s definitely worth it!


Watch some sports, whether they be volleyball, baseball, tennis, or whatever else you’ve got! Plus, if all your siblings are playing, you’ll go to almost every single game (trust me, I’ve seen a lot of baseball and softball the past two months).


Sign up for something, like sports, a project at church, or something in the community. If you don’t want to do it alone, try with your family or your friends!


Hang out with your friends! If your summer’s boring, it could be because you’re spending your days in that dark corner in your room. Yeah, that was me, too. Try inviting a friend over to your place, to the movies, to the bowling alley, or whatever you want!


Work on a project. Maybe you want to repaint your ugly bedroom wall, maybe you want to start a business, or maybe you just want to finally clean that dark corner of your room which you’ve been sitting in for so long. Whatever you want to get done, do that this summer!

Thanks for reading!tell me... (1)

What are you doing this summer?

See you next week!


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