Tips for Bloggers

Hello again, all you people!
(I’m kind of running out of new greetings 😆)

Blogging is a big part of most blogger’s lives. It’s not just making sure my next post is a “popular” post and will get lots of views, for me it’s a relaxing hobby. I love writing blog posts, reading blog posts, designing headers, interacting with other bloggers, and (almost) every other part about blogging.

But I used to blog differently. I used to post like three times a year, and when I got followers that weren’t followers I expected, I would remove them from the follower list.

I wanted to be a “cool” crafter and do all sorts of things. But I would rarely ever post since I really hated crafting. And I was unhappy with my blog.

So, to prevent all you new (and not new) bloggers from ending up deleting your blog like I did, I’m going to share 8 tips for bloggers that I’ve learned over the years. I hope you enjoy!

Tip 1

Don’t give up. Sometimes, not many people stop by to check out your blog. Sometimes no one stops by. But don’t give up blogging because nobody liked your first, second, or third post. Stick with it, and don’t let follows or likes determine whether your blog is good enough.

Tip 2

Don’t compare. Comparing your blog to other blogs isn’t any help. If looking at other people’s blogs is inspiring for you, go ahead! But don’t just compare your blog to someone else’s; that’s when you start to feel bad about your own.

Tip 3

Get out there! But DO NOT just comment on a random post saying something like this: ‘Hi will you please check out by blog?’ That bugs a lot of bloggers. A better way to just people to check out your blog is to start swapping blog buttons! What are blog buttons, you ask?
Blog buttons are little images to represent your blog, sort of like an ad. You can visit other blogs and, if they have a buttons page, ask them if they would like to swap buttons, which is when you each put each other’s button on your buttons page (or whatever you have).

Tip 4

Write about what you like, not what you wish you like or think other people like. If you love animals, blog about animals! If you love cooking and cleaning, write about that! If you love helping other bloggers out, write about that (somehow!)! Don’t write about what’s “cool” or “popular” or whatever. Write about what you want to write about! (just remember to be respectful with all your content)

Tip 5

Ask more experienced bloggers for help. Unless they’re totally mean and care about no one, most bloggers wouldn’t mind answering your questions! Whenever I get asked a question on my blog, I get really excited! It’s nice having someone to look up to you, so don’t be afraid to ask others for help. (If you do need any help, you can contact me here)

Tip 6

Be you! When you write a post, don’t write like whoever you admire, write like you! Add in those little side comments that make you laugh, and be able to smile while you write!

Tip 7

Schedule your posts. There’s a little button at the top of the post that says publish. Once you click on that, there should be another button below that says “Publish Immediately.” Click on the down arrow on that button, and select the date you want to post it at. Then you can set the time. When you’re done, hit schedule! (you don’t have to do this one, I just find it helpful if you’re a neat freak who likes to schedule everything, like me)

Tip 8

Don’t forget why you blog. This is the best advice I can give. If all you care about is follows, likes, or comments, you won’t enjoy blogging! Blog for a good reason.

Alrighty, that sums up this post–halfway, that is. I have a poll for you! (yipee!!)
If you didn’t know, I’ve updated my About page. I’m pretty sure I mentioned wanting to post more about animals and art, so that’s what I’m going to do! For my next post, I’m going to be reviewing a dog breed, but I couldn’t decide what kind, so, my friend, I’ve set up a poll below to ask you what dog breed I should review! Go ahead and take it! 🙂

With that said, I end this post. I hope these tips helped you out a bit, and if they did, go ahead and let me know in the comments!


Tell Me

When did you start your blog (if you have one)?
Why do you blog?

See you next week!


9 thoughts on “Tips for Bloggers

  1. Thank you so much for those tips! Is a button page like a follows thing? I started blogging in mid Feb 2018 – pretty new!, and I blog because, well, it sort of seemed like a nice thing to do that wasn’t a diary, but a page of randomness for others to see. Rhiana xx


    1. You’re absolutely welcome! Not really; it’s more of a collection of buttons you’ve swapped with other bloggers. Blog buttons are little pictures that represent your blog, like an ad. You can swap buttons with other blogs, which is where you put each other’s buttons on your blog. It’s basically a way to get other people to notice your blog.
      I’ll be sure to check out your blog, too! It sounds interesting. 🙂


  2. I just started blogging and this post is super helpful. I’m totally guilty of comparing my blog, which is literally 2 weeks old, to all the amazing ones out there (like this one), which I know is silly. This post has kind of helped me to stop being so hard on myself and just enjoy what I’m doing. Also, can I ask what you used to design your button? I want to design one and make a button swap page but I have literally no idea how to go about it xD Thanks!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. (Aww, you think my blog is one of the amazing ones? Thank you so much!! 😊) Haha, I definitely did that too! I use Canva. All you need for Canva is an account, I believe. Also, your blog looks beautiful! I’ll be reading it often!


      Liked by 1 person

  3. I wish I had asked for advice when I first started … I didn’t really know why I blogged, so my archives are quite embarrassing 😉 And you are sooo right that it feels so good to be looked up to and have people ask for advice! I enjoy having people look up to me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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